Barkr is the brainchild of Sir Reginald L. Barker.

Sir Barker comes from a long line of detectives, his great uncle being the renowned Sherlock Dogsworth.

Reginald became fed up with how much work was involved in searching through his bookmarks, so one day he decided to come up with a solution. He put his thinking cap on, pondered on the problem long and hard, until it suddenly dawned on him. “Gadzooks !” he exclaimed. “I have it !”. Why trawl through masses of sprawling folders when you can just search for them !”.

Being a dog of distinction, he knew what he liked, and he liked this. All it needed was a name. "Well, Barker of course" said he. "It's a good, solid name. I'll take out the 'e' to be hip, and modern."

Barkr site and software created and maintained by Barkr Software Ltd in Christchurch, New Zealand.